Reimbursement Info
Hologic / Fluoroscan Insight 2 Mini C Arm

Based on 60 month FMV lease

Financing Information: New Machine (Approx. $65,000)
Aprox. Monthly Payment: $1,200.00
Scenario Reimbursement: $ 60.00 (conservative)
Monthly Payment $ 1200.00
$ Per Case $ 60.00
Uses Per Month 20
Uses Per Week 5
Revenue: 15 x $60.00 -- 4weeks = 3,600.00 month x 12 months = $43,200.00
(An average office with two physicians will utilize the system 3 times per day)

These numbers do not take into consideration equipment depreciation or the fact that your monthly payments are a 100%
write off. These are also pre tax dollars.

Most capital equipment leases are on a 5-year term.
Tax / shipping vary from county to county and are not included in payment

Reimbursement Using CPT Code 76000 / 2x Regular X-Ray

Actual 2007 Medicare Reimbursements

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