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HOLOGIC Insight 2 Mini C Arm Radiation InformationWe know the importance of providing customers with the latest information regarding the safety of Mini C arm Imaging Systems. The Hologic/Fluoroscan Insight 2 gives off 70 times less radiation than the average full size C Arm.
Hologic Insight 2
Hologic Insight 2 Radiation Output is less than 2x the competitors model (on the same anatomy). This can be demonstrated on print outs of the same anatomy. The radiation is about 7-10% lower in 6" mode but it is about 50% lower in the 4" mode -due to the way Hologic collimates down. Hologic collimates digitally to avoid the increase in radiation output.

Most states do not require the use of lead lined walls and lead shielding when using a Hologic mobile C Arm Imaging System, however radiation protection regulations vary from state to state

Please check with The Dept. of Health Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection for your state guidelines.

To obtain up to date information on state regulations, internet addresses are available for most states at: http://www.state.__.us (Insert state abbreviation where line appears between state and .us.)

Radiation Badges can be purchased at www.landauerinc.com

Also see the following:

Hologic/Fluoroscan Insight 2 Scatter Survey (PDF)
Radiation Exposure with use of the mini C arm for routine orthopedic Imaging procedures study (PDF)
BJS-Exposure to Direct Scatter Radiation with Use of Mini-C Arm Fluoroscopy study (PDF)

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