Heff Med FAQ's

Is Heff Med an authorized dealer for Hologic/Fluoroscan Mini C Arms?
Yes, Since 2002 Heff Med has been an authorized dealer.

Does Heff Med only sell Mini C Arm consumable supplies and accessories?
No. Sterile Drapes, and Print media for ALL systems are available upon request.

Does Heff Med offer volume discounts on accessories?
Yes. Call for details.

Does Heff Med Buy Used Equipment?
Yes. Heff Med will buy All Mini and Full Size C Arms in good working condition.

Does Heff Med sell Used equipment?
Yes. Used, Demo, and Remanufactured units are often available. Heff Med will also use its many channels and partnerships to help you locate a system that fits your budgetary needs.

Does Heff Med provide leasing/financing?
Yes. Heff Med will provide multiple leasing/financing options prior to any sale upon request.

Hologic / Flouroscan Mini C Arms FAQ

Can I use a Mini C Arm in my Office?
Yes. In fact many Orthopedic practices are using a Mini C Arm in place of traditional x-ray for extremity views to increase reimbursement and patient throughput. The detail is amazing, and the physician can run the system without am X-Ray Tech.

Are Hologic/Fluoroscan Mini C Arms compatible with PACS systems?
Yes. Hologic’s Windows XP platform is compatible with most hospital PACS systems. A Site Survey is completed prior to sale to ensure compatibility.

Do you need to wear a lead apron when operation a Hologic/Fluoroscan mini C arm?
Take a look at the radiation info section on the Heff Med website for details.

What is the difference between the Hologic Insight 2 Mini C arm and the others?
Take a look at our unique features on the Mini C Arm Page.

Can you export Images from the Hologic/Fluoroscan mini C arm?
Yes, The Insight 2 allows you to export to CD/DVD//USB. No other mini C arm has these capabilities. You can also send http://heffmed.com/images to a network or PACS system with an ethernet cable and DICOM software. Images can also be printed on thermal paper or blue film.

Are service contracts available?
Yes. All new systems come with a 1 year full parts and labor warranty. Hologic has three service level options Bronze, Silver, and Gold service plans for additional years can be purhcased at a prepaid discount.

What is the reimbursement for the Hospital/Office?
The reimbursement figures vary from state to state. In most cases Fluoro codes provide 2X reimbursement over regular x-ray codes. Contact us for specific codes and reimbursement figures.


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